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Counseling for the Treatment of Anxiety


Specializing in Anxiety Disorders


Specializing In the Treatment of Anxiety

Individual & Group Treatments Available

EMDR, Clinical Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Treating All Ages (3 years old to 65+)

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What We Do

Specialize in Treating Anxiety Disorders



Highly Effective 

Individualized Treatment 

 Anxiety, Phobias, Panic Attacks,  Trauma & PTSD

 Utilizing EMDR and Clinical Hypnosis 

Treatment Approaches



Eye Movement Desensitization & Repossessing

Clinical Hypnosis / Guided Imagery


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

Our Patient Promise


You will be taken seriously. 

You will be treated 

with utmost respect. 

We will listen 

and construct 

effective treatments

for your specific situation. 

Treatments That Work

Cognitive Behavioral & Hypnotherapy for Depression & Anxiety


Anxiety can rob you of the  joy  in  life. 

It is not necessary to suffer from the disturbances to your sense of well being any more. 

Our approach combines the rational, goal focused concepts of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with the underlying power of Clinical Hypnosis and Guided Imagery.  

The outcome: a highly effective, comprehensive  treatments  for Anxiety Disorders.


EMDR for the Treatment of Trauma & PTSD


Traumatic experiences often lead to 

disturbing, symptoms. 

Anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks may become entrenched and continue indefinitely.   

EMDR and Clinical Hypnosis are two highly effective  treatments we use in this practice. 

 Our goal:  to help you achieve freedom from the pervasive effects of  anxiety, trauma and PTSD. 

Play Therapy & EMDR Children


Childhood can be difficult. 

Counseling  & EMDR is available to children as young as three years old. Fear, anxiety, sadness, divorce, death of a loved one, problems at school, all can cause anxiety in children and need to be treated.  Sessions may include parental involvement and are provided in a warm, supportive environment. 

For your child: the care he or she needs to resume a happy childhood. 

Meet JoAnn Richi

JoAnn Richi, MC, LPC

  "If you want to talk to someone who will really listen to you, quickly grasp your situation, and know exactly what to do about it, contact me. I provide effective counseling for anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and PTSD in a completely non-judgmental manner; and I want to work with you."  - JoAnn Richi

To schedule an appointment with JoAnn Richi call  (515)585-0448 

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