Behavioral Health Counseling & Consulting


 JoAnn Richi, MC, LPC has established a standard of excellence in behavioral healthcare services and continues to offer her insights, knowledge and vast experience in all areas of this exciting and challenging field.


JoAnn Richi is known for her uncanny ability to sense paradigm shifts, and move quickly and decisively in response to them.  The opportunities she has created for herself and her colleagues are extraordinary in their scope, depth and creativity.

 “ JoAnn Richi combines her passions and her talents to fill unique opportunities to help others,  and she is to be able to accomplish all these things in harmony.  JoAnn is a person who can spot talents in others, and then creates situations that are mutually beneficial and interpersonally fulfilling for everyone involved”.  

– Alan Sabo   Board Member: Directors Domain Media Corp.

counseling servicesBeginning with a small contract with FHP, Arizona’s first managed care organization, JoAnn Richi formed Wilshire Enterprise, Inc. and sought large volume behavioral healthcare contracts. Wilshire was awarded by FHP one of the largest behavioral health services contracts managed by a privately owned agency.

The Wilshire / FHP contract grew first to 50,000 and then over 100,000 covered lives. A capitated agreement, this early model mental health carve-out required ingenuity, an ability to manage utilization, and the willingness to embrace a high risk, high reward situation.


Establishing a reputation for excellence in the delivery and management of behavioral healthcare services JoAnn negotiated and obtained contracts from The Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections, The Department of Healthcare Services, Arizona Parents Youth & Family, Inc., The Federal Corrections Institution and ValueOptions.


JoAnn Richi, is a  Licensed Professional Counselor, writer, and consultant who for over twenty-five years has immersed herself in all aspects of the behavioral healthcare field.  Founder of several successful private sector healthcare organizations Ms. Richi is an intuitive and insightful psychotherapist. A highly skilled counselor, JoAnn Richi has also built a fine reputation as a dynamic negotiator and manager of behavioral healthcare projects.

Ms. Richi is a creative and resourceful person and intelligent negotiator. She has great expertise in putting together deals and bringing projects to fruition.”  

– Warren Cohen  Conductor: MusicaNova Orchestra Scottsdale, Arizona